Nowadays most of the actresses and socialites undergo cosmetic procedures to enhance their features. The trend is soon catching up with youngsters in Delhi particularly to look picture perfect in weddings with Angelina lips, sharp nose, perfect jaw line and high cheek bones!

Dr. (Capt.) Deepti Dhillon, a Cosmetic dermatologist at Appleskin clinics in Pitampura says “We can enhance the beauty of a face by correcting certain features without undergoing plastic surgery. These are known as MIP- minimally invasive procedures. The nose can be made to look sharper, lips can be well defined and made more luscious, cheeks can be made more fuller to give a softer and younger look, chin can be augmented, Jawline can be enhanced, double chin can be reduced, eyebrows can be lifted to give a model like a face. All these can be done in just 30 minutes at our clinic and the patient can resume to their work the same day.” So what are these treatments? While filler injections fill out the wrinkles, Botox injections relax the muscles and chemical peels and dermabrasion rejuvenate the texture of the skin. All these treatments cost between Rs 1,000 to 15,000 per sitting and should be done only by experts.

The rainy season leads to several hair problems especially excessive hair fall. Dr. Deepti has introduced treatments like meso-hair injections which help in prevention and treatment of limp hair which can also reverse hair fall. But these hair treatments need a three month period for good results.

At Appleskin the brides are given a skin and hair care regime three months prior to their D-day. Any imperfections are taken care of with the latest treatments by Dr. Deepti herself. Every skin has different needs and keeping this in mind, they are given specific treatments for their needs.

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