There’s always so much pressure on the bride to look gorgeous on her big day. As the wedding day has always been the most important day for a bride and the need to go through the hassle to look her best is not a luxury anymore, but a necessity! That lit-from-within radiance every bride craves is not so hard to achieve. All it takes is a little dermatological foresight.

Very often brides tend to neglect skincare and high-stress levels play their own havoc with the skin, causing acne breakouts, eczema or dry patches. And, if you think to treat yourself to a facial a week before the wedding will solve the problem, it may well be too little, too late and may even worsen the skin condition if done by unprofessional.

Dr. Deepti Dhillon, Medical director of Appleskin clinic in Pitampura, believes that looking great on your wedding day is not about great makeup application but starts with a healthy skin regime. Don’t forget that gorgeous skin also starts from within, so we suggest that you increase your antioxidant intake. Berries, dark-skinned grapes and anti-aging citrus fruits are loaded with minerals, antioxidants and other skin enhancing vitamins. Counteract bacteria with products containing salicylic acid, tea tree and drink water to help keep your skin clear.

One of the first things that you need to undertake, as a part of your bridal skin care, is a proper cleansing routine. Brides at Appleskin clinic are given a cosmetic dermatological program about 3 months prior to the wedding. The reason is that the medical cleansing and brightening of the face begins from within for a permanent effect. If you have major skin issues to deal with such as cystic acne, rosacea or deep wrinkles, make an appointment with a dermatologist at least 6 months prior to the wedding. If you have minor skin problems like blackheads, clogged pores, dullness, or dry patches, then it’s best to start seeing a good cosmetic doctor at least 2 months prior to the wedding for flawless skin. To help ensure your skin looks picture perfect on your wedding day Dr. Deepti advises your last medical to be no later than two weeks before the big day.

It is no longer impossible to have the perfect facial features with the perfect glowing skin for any bride-to-be. The trend of ‘Botox Bride’ is very common in western countries. The perfect lips, high cheekbones, symmetrical chin can all be achieved in a day, relatively painlessly and without any surgery. With the wide range of non-invasive cosmetic procedures like lasers, Botox and fillers available with cosmetic dermatologists, ironing out facial wrinkles, plumping up the skin and taking a decade off, is easy nowadays. But it should be done by a professional cosmetic dermatologist with a good sense of aesthetics to give a natural look.

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