About Dr. Dipti Dhillon

Dr. Deepti Dhillon established AppleSkin in 2011. Appleskin is a cosmetology centre of excellence, located in New Delhi. The basic purpose for the establishment of this clinic is to provide world class beauty treatments at an affordable price to its clients. People have so many problems related to their body, hair & skin due to pollution, age and over usage of cosmetics; AppleSkin is there to solve these problems hygienically. The clinic has a team of top class professionals and is headed by Dr. Deepti Dhillon.

AppleSkin focuses on optimum efficiency of treatment, reduced side effects and improved long term results, through careful selection of dedicated cosmetic technologies.

Dr. Deepti Dhillon is a renowned name in the medical & cosmetology industry. She is the founder and Director of Appleskin, a Cosmetology Centre of excellence, located in New Delhi. She believes that in today’s fast paced world no one has enough time to take extra care of their skin, face, hair and even health. They all want instant result and she is providing the same with the help of technology. She has multiple lasers and light systems for hair removal, photo rejuvenation, skin tightening and fractional resurfacing.

Dr. Deepti is a medical graduate from AFMC Pune and Dr. (Capt.) Deepti Dhillon served the Indian army and gained her expertise in medical field and got an opportunity to work in highly sophisticated environment dealing with needs of people from all parts of India and skin colors ranging from fair to dark with different cosmetic dermatological problems.

Dr. Deepti always wanted to be a cosmetologist and she entered the field in 2003 following her passion for beauty. She has completed her training in various parts and with acclaimed dermatologists of the world like UK, Hong Kong, Singapore and Korea.

Dr. Deepti has perfected her skills and has gone on to become a known name in the field. Being India’s one of the leading cosmetic physician, She is credited to have pioneered various skin treatments and techniques over the years such as Diode, Fraxel, skin lightening, peels, Botox and filler injections.

Achievements of Dr. Deepti Dhillon

  1. She is a Member of International Academy Of Cosmetic Dermatology.
  2.  She is a Member of: American Academy Of Aesthetic Medicine.
  3.  She is a graduate from AFMC, Pune.
  4.  Dr. Deepti Dhillon has served the Indian army.
  5.  She has done her fellowship in cosmetic dermatology from Germany.
  6.  She has been awarded the Sudarshan Chakra by the Indian Army for her dedication towards the medical field.
  7.  She has been awarded with Dr. S Radhakrishnan National Award for her excellence in the field of education.
  8.  She made the switch to cosmetic medicine in 2003.
  9.  She has been trained in Botox, fillers & mesotherapy from UK, Hong Kong, Singapore and Korea.
  10.  She has the backing of an international panel from US and UK.
  11.  Cosmetic dermatologist for Apollo clinics.
  12.  Extensively honored for her efforts towards child education by various schools and education societies.
  13.  She is the Director of Venkateshwar Hospital, Delhi.

Responsibility towards Society

Being extremely compassionate towards the society and passionate about her work, Dr. Deepti understands her responsibility towards the society. She has often expressed her concern for the society well beyond the commercial motives.

She is an active supporter of child education and firmly believes that each and every child in the country should get adequate education environment and facilities. She holds workshops and seminars throughout the country to motivate children and instill confidence through literacy. Dr. Deepti has also been invited to give lectures at various national and international forums and conferences.

It is purely her vision and passion for the subject that has enabled her to set up Appleskin clinic. Having earned respect as a gifted doctor with a keen eye for aesthetics and facial harmony, Dr. Deepti personally makes sure that all her clients always look their best.

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“Consider the impact of your beauty & personal care choices on our expertise ”

— Dr. Deepti Dhillon

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