Hands and Feet Softening

Hands and Feet Softening Treatments (Dry peel manicure/pedicure):

Hands and Feet softening treatment is a combination of treatments that help in reviving the skin on the hands and feet, restoring the hydration and suppleness. The process starts with applying a gel-based concoction on hands and feet after cleansing them. This concoction aids in sloughing off the dead skin layer, instigating healthier, fresher cells to form. This is a form of deeper exfoliation that is required for the skin on hands and feet to overcome any harshness that they have faced and hence reviving them with a flawless and soft skin.

After the exfoliation process, a mask full enriched with multivitamins and antioxidants is applied to supply the skin with needed benefits of anti-aging. This entire process may take between 30-45 minutes, helping your hands and feet to feel soft again and having long-lasting anti-aging benefits. Of course, we finish it off with a coat of your favorite nail color to give you that essence of a manicure/pedicure and to provide that extra touch of pampering every client of our deserves.

Other hand and feet rejuvenation treatments include:

Laser treatment: These treatments kill melanocytes or cells that produce melanin without damaging the skin.
Chemical peel: This involves the application of a special peel, which burns the surface layer of the skin. The skin peels and new, more evenly pigmented skin grows in its place.
Microdermabrasion: Microdermabrasion essentially sands down the outermost layer of the skin using a rotating brush or a diamond tip. A new layer of skin grows to replace the layer that has been sanded down.

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