Face Contouring

Get rid of a double chin, jowls, smokers or frown lines, treat and tone loose, wrinkled skin often found on the aging face, neck, décolleté and hands.

Topical treatments have limitations whereby RF (Radio Frequency), US (Ultrasound) and Near Infrared (NIR) have powerful effects on the epidermis, dermis and even the deep subcutaneous tissue.

Each technology penetrates different layers of the skin and thus a combination treatment is always more effective. This treatment safely and effectively targets, hard-to-remove, cellulite and fat deposits, naturally reduces and eradicates the fat cells without damaging skin or shifting fat to other areas (examples of facial fat deposits are double chin and jowls). It stimulates the lymphatic system to reduce unwanted cells to ultimately give a refined contour. It also stimulates cells to restructure collagen, improve elasticity, tone, tighten and further contour the skin.

The added bonus is an increased blood flow to the treatment area resulting in collagen synthesis & improved skin-tone with an improvement in skin elasticity, which aids in lifting & tightening the skin for congruent face sculpting accuracy.

You will experience immediate, visible, subtle to dramatic improvements. Younger patients who are experiencing premature aging in the skin can also opt for facial contouring procedures.

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