Post Pregnancy (Medifacials)

Refreshing Medifacial

A perfect concoction to eliminate open pores on your skin and to add luminosity you have never had earlier.

Mist Peel Medifacial

How about a little hydrating serum for your skin – Sounds energizing? Give your skin that extra verve and be the most joyous you.

Crystal Peel Medifacial

Don’t let your skin age faster than you! Remove fine lines and excess pigmentation for a healthier, younger looking skin.

Purity Peel Medifacial

Oily skin ?? You are looking at the right Medifacial.

Purifying Back Medifacial

Spotless and radiant back starts here…

Chloe Peel Medifacial

It’s time to say goodbye to excessive oiliness and all the scars and problems associated with it.

Sebo Peel Medifacial

In just 45 minutes this super effective Medifacial will treat the skin at multiple levels to help you forget all about the existing acne.

Cleopatra Medifacial

Visit the Cleopatra world of skin care resulting in a brighter, smoother skin just like the Egyptian goddess

H2O Medifacial

Just like the name suggests – hydration and glow for your rough and tired looking skin leaving it supple and plumper

After Sun Medifacial

Perfect as a post holiday skin care that may have left your skin, tanned and burnt

Sun Defense Medifacial

Planning to be out in the sun for a little more than usual? Get your skin protected from the harsh rays to avoid aging, sun spots etc.

Vitamin C Medifacial

Appleskin’s well renowned Medifacial recommended by Women’s Health Magazine. Serves as anti-aging and reduces tanning, sunspots and patchy skin leaving your skin more radiant than ever.

Secret Peel Medifacial

Leaves you with a spotless, fresher and younger looking skin having people wonder the secret behind your skin care regime. Excellent for open pores and mild discoloration.

Pink Peel Medifacial (tca)

Strong session with AWESOME results. To be recommended by Doctor only.

Golden Goddess Medifacial

A moisturizing and rejuvenating facial that stimulates collagen production improving the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Baby Peel Medifacial

We’re born with plenty of elastin and collagen, which show in the thick, soft skin of babies. A face that is clear, smooth, and shiny through great skin care is all what we promise you.

Red Carpet Medifacial

The most loved Medifacial by our clients! Let’s reverse the signs of skin damage and get a new luminous skin.

Mineral Peel Medifacial

Go natural for a healthy skin. Mineral enriched pack for your skin that will regain the moisture into your skin and leave it supple and plumped.

Anti-Pollution Medifacial

Pollution can cause hazard to your skin. So we bring to you a Medifacial that will eradicate all the skin damage through pollution and also prevent your skin from further pollution damage. Highly recommended for everyone living in metro cities!

Yellow Diamond Medifacial

Extraordinary name for an extraordinary skin. Let your skin sparkle like a piece of diamond!

Miami Peel Medifacial

Something special for acne-blemished skin. Helps to improve skin tone and texture of the hands and chest along with the face.

Seasonal Peel Mediclean-up

This treatment includes a gentle exfoliation with a seasonal or skin specific fruit enzyme and extractions and unblocks pores and rejuvenates the skin for a healthier seasonal look.

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