Skin Boosters

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  2. VITAL: Keeping your looks is not just the management of facial lines and wrinkles but also the skin quality and texture. Skin booster is a new approach especially designed to deliver deep skin nourishment and hydration. While dermal fillers replace the lost volume to the specific wrinkles and folds, skin boosters hydrate from within the treat the overall condition of the skin.

Hydration is fundamental to skin health, tone, and elasticity. Creams only temporarily moisturize the surface layers of the skin. Juvederm Hydrate & Restylane Skin Boosters improve the structure, firmness, and elasticity of the skin by providing deep long-lasting hydration. They replenish the skins own hyaluronic acid, that time and exposure to the elements have taken from your skin, to restore a naturally healthy complexion. Hydrating Skin Boosters naturally revitalize the areas of the body that are susceptible to sun and environment.

A series of tiny injections are given with the help of local anesthesia. These boosters hydrate the skin and are perfect for treating face, neck, décolletage, back of hands and lips where exposure to the sun can cause premature aging. Visible improvements in the skin texture can be seen after an initial course of treatments resulting in the healthy, glowing and beautiful skin. Alongside these benefits, skin boosters are also known to improve skin elasticity, firmness and reduce surface skin roughness.

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