By: Dr Deepti Dhillon, Cosmetologist AND AESTHETIC PHYSICIAN, Appleskin, New Delhi.

Beautiful days and charming nights…despite the chill, winter can be one of the most romantic times of year. You would love to be with your someone special in this romantic season. However, you would invariably think twice if our skin is visibly distressed and in a dry, itchy, patchy and flaky state.

Winter skin woes are something that bothers one and all. Dry, dull and itchy skin is a common ailment that affects people of all age groups. However, teens are still blessed with a skin that is still developing.

Dryness results from lack of moisture and the chilly winter air only makes the matter worse. As you hit your thirties and beyond, the skin’s natural ability to stay hydrated diminishes and hence the problem of dehydrated skin is widespread among people who are in their mid thirties and beyond. DRYNESS CAN CAUSE UNDESIRABLE LINES EARLY IN LIFE KNOWN AS  WRINKLES .AND THIS PARTICULAR PROBLEM IS SELDOM SOLVED BY OVER THE COUNTER PRODUCTS LIKE SO CALLED ANTIWRINKLE CREAMS CAUSE THEY WORK VERY SUPERFICIALLY. The Intelligent rescue to this remains BOTOX AND FILLERS FOR AEGING FACE OR THE COSMETICEUTICS RECOMMENDED BY YOUR COSMETIC DOCTOR WHICH CAN ACTUALLY WORK WONDERS FOR THE EARLY SIGNS OF AGEING.

The skin in this time of the year is also susceptible to rashes and allergic reactions mainly arising due to the prolonged exposure to “woolen” and synthetic fibers of the heavy winter clothing. Flakiness on face is not the only thing, even scalp issues such as dryness, flaky dandruff also occur. Other skin problems that are commonplace include tanned skin. Surprised as you may be but the truth is winter sun, no matter however scanty, is enough to give your skin a tanned look and dull your complexion ALONG WITH PHOTOAGEING. INGREDIENTS LIKE L-LEUCINE , HQ , ZINC IN YOUR SKIN ROUTINE ALONG WITH AHA PEELS IN MODERATE AMOUNTS CAN HELP PATCHINESS OF SKIN.

These skin problems inadvertently affect your confidence. But fret not for a basic tweaking in your daily skin care regime and a smart treatment once in a month or two can help you maintain that flawless and glowing complexion throughout the foggy winters.

First and foremost, just as you give in your summer wardrobe to a winter one, you should also bid adieu to your summer skin care products!CHALK OUT A CUSTOMISED  SKIN CARE REGIME WITH YOUR DOCTOR REGARDING DRYNESS, UNEVEN SKIN TONE, ROUGH SKIN, DULL SKIN, OPEN PORES, ACNE , DARK SPOTS, FINE LINES, ACNE SCARS, WHO WOULD ANALYSE YOUR MOISTURE OR OIL CONTENT OF THE SKIN AND DEPTH OF YOUR WRINKLES OR PORES.  If you have oily skin then you will probably face less dryness and will have good skin condition during winter and the problem of pimples will decrease in this season. However, people with normal-dry skin type will face more winter dryness and may have cracks in skin if not well moisturized. So, these people need to be proactive if they wish to have healthy skin during this season.

In winters, your skin needs some extra nourishment so look for ingredients such as shea butter, milk cream, avocado oil, soya or wheatgerm etc. in the moisturizer you pick.

Also it is extremely important that you pick up products according to your skin type. A dry skin HAS REDUCED WATER CONTENT, LESS NUMBER OF LIPIDS AND  will do well with heavy/thick moisturizing crèmes and an oily skin would be benefitted by a lotion CONTAINING  LIPOHYDROXY ACID, SALICYLIC ACID, AZELAIC ACID ETC with one or more of the above-mentioned ingredients. On the other hand, a combination skin will require two different product types for different zones (heavy moisturizer for dry outer skin zone and light one for oily T zone). A sensitive skin will require products that are odourless and dermatologically tested. PEOPLE WITH SENSITIVE SKIN SHOULD BEWARE OF THE COSMETICS SOLD OVER THE COUNTER AS THEY MAY HAVE UNTOWARD REACTIONS TO SOME OF THE INGREDIENTS.

Always use lukewarm water for washing your face and bathing. Cold or boiling hot water will only lead to further dryness. You can also add a few drops of baby oil to your bath water. Make sure, you use a mild, non-detergent base face wash with ph 5.5 and gentle glycerin or aloe based soap for the body. Before going out in sun you should apply A BROAD SPECTRUM sunscreen lotion LIBERALLY on your body and reapply it after every 3-4 hours. Due to dry cold air in winterS problem of chapped lips arises so use good quality lip balm to take care of your lips and give them a rosy and glossy look. Applying a mix of glycerin and milk cream in the night on lips will help a lot in maintaining the suppleness of your lips.

Besides skin care, enough attention should be paid to the scalp and hair. Woolen caps can aggravate the dryness of hair so make sure you massage your scalp once in a week with warm coconut/olive oil and condition your hair well for shiny and bouncy locks. LOOK For dandruff AND ACT BEFORE IT GETS NASTY. THERE ARE HAIR STIMULATING TREATMENTS FOR FALLING HAIR WHICH PREVENTS EARLY HAIR FALL IF TAKEN AT RIGHT TIME.

One’s diet should also be taken care of in winters. To nourish the skin naturally from within, water-based fruits like oranges and other seasonal fruits and vegetables should be consumed in plenty. One can also take a multivitamin supplement daily along with her breakfast.

Having said that, one should always take the vitamin and mineral supplement only after consulting a doctor. A visit to one’s dermatologist once in a month will also help. Mild chemical peels consisting of fruit acids and mircodermabrasion treatments can be taken to get rid of the dry, patchy flaky skin and boost the cell-renewal process. The LATEST FAD IS FOR MICRONEEDLING WHICH IS RELATIVELY PAINLESS AND GIVES BEST RESULTS FOR OPEN PORES , REJUVENATION AND SCAR MARKS. One can also go for some quick-fix treatments like vitamin-infused MEDICAL facials to get AN INSTANT glow on the skin.

By following these simple tips you too can show the door to winter skin woes!

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