Summers and Acne

Summers and Acne

Not removing dirt, grit and sebaceous secretions off the face makes the facial skin prone to pimples. In open pores where sebum and dirt are accumulated, bacterial growth occurs and leads to acne formation. Acne is also caused by hormonal imbalance in the body. Acne flare-ups can even occur due to the sensitivity of an individual towards certain components of food items such as artificial coloring/sweetening agents.

One need’s to have a dedicated regime for the control and further occurrence of acne.

Using the right product is important. Pick a face wash that is gentle enough not to dry your skin and still cleanses away the oil build-up effectively. For severe acne, one should use a face wash and creams that have peroxide or salicylic acid in it. There are spray-on sunscreens available that are non-greasy. Products should be hypoallergenic, tested on sensitive skin and non-comedogenic.

Another aspect of faster treatment for acne comprises of clinic procedures. The latter includes chemical peels of various types and Fractional lasers. amiduos free

Various kinds of post-acne scars can also occur if acne is neglected for a long time. For post acne pigmentation, a doctor will advise procedures such as microdermabrasion, peels and activation code for avast free antivirus 2016 medlite laser. For deeper scars, submission and punch excision are done. Also hyaluronic acid – based fillers can be used to fill up the deep crater-like scars and provide a smoother and even texture to the skin. It is better to cure the acne in time and under medical supervision than to waste a lot of money over commercialized products as these beauty products can work only on the outer skin and have a superficial impact on the health of the skin.

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