Some Rain, No Hair Shine !

Some Rain, No Hair Shine!

The monsoon, sandwiched between the heat of summer stickiness and winter dryness, is generally ignored when it comes to hair care. Most of us spend a ton of money pampering our skin. But when it comes to hair, we hesitate to provide them with the same luxury. Well, don’t make this mistake this monsoon. It makes a lot of difference when you get your hair treated professionally. Just one sitting with your doctor can take care of a whole host of problems for your hair like dandruff, limpness, greasiness and hair fall.

The heightened moisture in the atmosphere makes hair flat and its texture, dull. The scalp can get itchy due to a collection of sebum, sweat and exfoliated skin, which can result in worsening of dandruff and increased hair fall. Dr. Deepti states, “To avoid this, men should shampoo their scalp daily and women at least every other day, to prevent the build-up of increased sebum and sweat. Use mild shampoo and conditioner to cleanse the hair and prevent frizziness. Also, use a silicone-based serum to give hair a smooth texture and protect it from heat caused by blow drying.”
The rainy season brings a humid atmosphere along with it. This in itself spells disaster for those with chemically treated hair, as hair being hydroscopic – absorbs the moisture from the atmosphere and this nullifies the effect of any chemical treatment or product used on the hair. Moreover, dust, grime, and other driveragent plus product key generator pollutants stick to these chemicals, which again contribute to the tangling and knotting of your hair during monsoons.
Hair tends to get wet during monsoons and tying up the hair will only lead to the rainwater being trapped in your hair. With a humid atmosphere, drying of the hair becomes a problem and a damp skin of the head is breeding ground for fungal infections, dandruff, and lice on the scalp. While tying up your hair is not advised during monsoon, nor is leaving it open advisable; Dr. Deepti suggests a loose bun or a loose ponytail as these do not trap much water and also protect your hair from direct exposure to the humidity.

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