Skin Care in Flight

Skin Care in Flight

Alluring in air

Know what it takes to save your skin during flights

Dr. Deepti Dhillon, Cosmetologist, AND AESTHETIC PHYSICIAN, Appleskin, New Delhi.

Be it for work or pleasure, traveling in flight, abroad or even domestic is a regular event for many nowadays. Being in flight can be fun, especially if it’s your first time but besides the check-in and other things, you also need to take a closer look at yourself. Without being aware, many changes are happening in our body – skin as well as hair, while we are cruising between the clouds!

The air at high altitudes is dry and the oxygen content is low. This results in dry itchy skin and myriad of other symptoms which are far more serious and irritating. Cabin air reduces humidity to an uncomfortable 10% to 20% leading to dryness in mouth, throat, eyes, and skin.

It is easy to get dehydrated while soaring high in the air. Thus, it is extremely important to drink plenty of water regularly before and during the flight. Pure water is an elixir for skin; don’t underestimate its power! Hence grab a bottle of water over alcohol and caffeinated drinks. These only further dry you up inside out i.e. dehydrate you further leading to fatigue and exacerbating the ensuing jet lag after a long flight.

Besides sipping water, there are some other things that you should do to prevent a stressed-out skin that feels like a parched field. Intensively moisturizing the skin of your exposed body parts does help a lot. Pack in a crème that leaves your skin feeling smooth and luxurious! Look for active ingredients like Urea, Shea butter, Lactic acid, vitamin E, alpha-lipoic acid, CERAMIDES in your product of choice. ALSO, GLYCERINE IS A VERY GOOD HYDRATING AGENT FOR SKIN, WHICH IS VERY COST EFFECTIVE AND SKIN FRIENDLY. These are deep moisturizing agents and thus, hydrate the skin well enough. My personal experience made me realize that improper hydration of the body and skin during long hauled flights made my hands and feet appear as if they have aged by 10 years!!! Applying deep moisturizing HAND AND NAIL crèmes after the flight reversed my skin dryness. Hence, my advice to my beloved readers would be as to moisturize their skin before, during and after the flight to maintain the skin’s suppleness.

Another thing which one can do is to apply a moisturizing mask CONTAINING NATURAL HYDRATING AGENTS LIKE BLUEBERRY, HONEY, ALOE VERA ashampoo burning studio 18 lisans anahtarı just before boarding and leaving it on the skin throughout the duration of the flight. Also, our eyes are one of the first features to show the travel fatigue. Puffiness, bags, dark circles, dry and irritable eyes are some of the common complaints of frequent flyers. Thus, lubricating the eye with eye drops helps, especially when one is wearing contact lenses. Though, it is best to use reading glasses in the flight than using contact lenses. solidworks 2020 crack ita

Other concerns

Besides dry skin and puffy eyes, there are also the chances of getting sunburns. The concentration of ultraviolet (UV) rays – the ones that can cause sunburn, skin cancer, and other problems – is greater at altitude than on the ground. This can lead to skin damage of several varieties, ranging from premature aging and wrinkles to skin cancer. A sunscreen WITH SPF > 30 WITH BROAD SPECTRUM COVERAGE OF RAYS  is OF utmost important to offer protection against the harsh UV rays. To internally boost your skin’s protection (from sun exposure) make it a habit to consume an antioxidant and oil capsule daily and not just while traveling certainly helps in maintaining youthful skin on a long-term basis.

So keep in mind these kode aktivasi avast premier tips before & during undertaking your next flight and feel the difference in your skin. Happy flying!

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