Appleskin introduces Normcore Campaign for the FIRST TIME in INDIA!

We are happy to announce that under the guidance of Dr. Deepti Dhillon, Appleskin clinics has been the FIRST IN INDIA to run a rage of NO MAKEUP SELFIES !!

It is a new trend in which we encourage everyone right from the young generation to the adults to feel confident in their skin. Dr. Deepti believes that if you have a beautiful and healthy skin, you won’t really need any makeup.

This is also a small step in spreading awareness about the different skin issues caused by makeup. With the latest developments in the cosmetic dermatology industry, no one needs to hide behind makeup; everyone can feel good, confident, younger and happy in their very own skin.

Wearing Makeup is a passé; it’s for people who are not confident in their skin and hence demand to conceal the imperfections. However, we give you a chance to vanish those imperfections forever and flaunt the beautifully radiant skin that you have underneath that layer of makeup.

If you are bold enough and have the courage to flaunt your beautiful skin without any makeup, then send us your no makeup selfies on info@appleskin.co.in; appleskin.skin@gmail.com and take away GIFT HAMPERS.

Also, Appleskin runs heavy offers and DISCOUNTS on skin rejuvenation every FRIDAY, so everyone can get the desired skin they would want to flaunt! (that too without any makeup on)

Be Confident in a NO MAKEUP SELFIE !!

What’s hot and what’s not?

Women all over the world are putting their bare face forward. Going out without makeup is the new beauty standard. Appleskin tells you why?

Make-up artists, beauty editors, bloggers, and actresses are collectively pegging going make-up free as `a show of confidence’. It’s not that everyone adobe illustrator cs6 serial number keygen\ has a flawless skin with no imperfections, but thanks to the developments in cosmetic dermatology that people can carry a confidence face with no make-up on!

In India too, the barefaced look is becoming a serious fashion statement!

But it went viral when international icons like Beyonce, Rihanna, Cameron Diaz, Kim Kardashian, Adele, amongst many others, started sharing their selfies. Millions of women followed suit, tweeting their barefaced looks. Bollywood’s glam divas Sonam Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Sunny Leone and Neha Dhupia also joined the movement by sharing their make-up-free selfies. Hailed as the `new beauty standard’ by the New York Times, experts say this no-make-up movement may be a part of a bigger fashion culture – normcore. Normcore is a `come as you are’ basic style, where the fashionable purposely tries to dress unfashionably.

So why not get the perfect skin at a dermatologist with minimal treatments so you can be a part of the trendiest movement in the world with no makeup in this searing heat!

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