The best route to complexion perfection is to get to know your skin type, which is an important first step in knowing how to treat your skin, what products to use, and how to have a perfect skin.

Your skin may be determined by the your oil and water balance. Be very careful about the products you put on your skin. Using the wrong creams, over exfoliating, or using products full of perfumes and alcohol are the things that negatively affect your skin type. Some ingredients can dry and make the skin very sensitive.

An extreme low fat diet can cause your skin to become dry. Smoking and drinking can deplete your skin of nutrients. Your skin gets affected by the changes in the climate, hormonal changes occurring during extreme stress, puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, pre menopause and menopause. These are the times most clients contact Appleskin for medical grade skin and facial services as no one likes to walk around with breakous, flaky skin, wrinkles and pigmented patches. There are numerous treatments available in today’s date to make your skin flawless like diamond dermabrassion, gel peels, lasers, mesotherapy, dermarollers, stem cells and various skin lightening treatments. Botox and fillers are wonderful products if one is looking for a quick facelift without any complications.

“I have seen in my practice sometimes just changing your products to professional cosmeceutic range can dramatically make your skin better. One should change their cleanser and moisturizer twice a year to provide less or more hydration depending on the season.” Says Dr. Deepti. At the beginning of each season, you should get a skin check from your doctor at least once a year to determine what products to use because different skin types require different product formulations and it will also help you take better care of it so it can be flawless and age as it should, not before its time.

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