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Though leading a balanced lifestyle is the best way to maintain as well as


Acne (acne vulgaris, common acne) is a condition that occurs when the oil-secreting

Laser Hair Removal

The advanced method of laser hair reduction has replaced many

Botox & Fillers

Dr. Deepti Dhillon expresses her heart-felt content while sharing her

Anti Ageing

Being a firm believer in the holistic approach towards healthcare and

Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels are versatile tools that are used to resurface the upper layers

Body Contouring

Rather than remove fat cells through surgical liposuction – which is


Hyper or increased pigmentation in skin is caused by abnormalities

“Consider the impact of your beauty & personal care choices on our expertise ”

— Dr. Deepti Dhillon

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MesoBotox involves injecting multiple small doses of Botox


Lipodissolve involves injecting a cocktail of substances into


Mesoglow a new procedure to curb ageing. MesoGlow


Filler is an injectable gel containing hyaluronic acid that restores

LLL Therapy

Low level laser therapy (which is also called red light therapy, low level light

Eye Brow Lift

Whether you want an eyebrow arch like Aishwarya Rai from Dhoom or a

Face Lift

A facelift is a surgical method that removes excess facial skin to make the

Face Contouring

Get rid of a double chin, jowls, smokers or frown lines, treat and tone loose,

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