At Appleskin, we believe that homecare is as important as in clinic treatments. As the skin is protected by acid mantle, cosmetic range is blocked from entering the living layers of the skin thus being ineffective. Skin is the most exposed part of the body that has to inevitably endure the test of nature and time. The weather along with additional support from pollution, dirt, grime can create problems for the skin. Problems of the skin are aplenty and so are their causes, all of which calls for a skin care regime.

The term ‘Skin Care’ carries a different meaning for different people and for effective homecare you need to choose the best home care product and AppleSkin is there to help you. For effectiveness, only cosmeceuticals can penetrate the acid mantle hence we offer our own as well as international cosmeceutical range of products from US, France and Germany.

New at Appleskin:

Complete Skin Makeover:

This package is designed with an absolute scientific approach. We schedule your appointment with skin experts, who thoroughly analyze your concerns and recommend a perfect package of complete makeover, which takes care of all your hair, skin and body requirements.

Yearly Maintenance Package:

Appleskin introduces you to a yearly skin maintenance package designed specifically for you to avail various treatments at exclusive rates throughout the year. These professional packages consist variety of skin, body and hair treatments as per your skin requirements in order to ensure a healthy, glowing skin throughout the year. We ensure to keep your skin radiant, gorgeous and damage-free from all the external factors in all weather conditions.

Normcore – No Makeup Campaign:

We are happy to announce that under the guidance of Dr. Deepti Dhillon, Appleskin clinic has been the FIRST IN INDIA to run a rage of NO MAKEUP SELFIES !! It is a new trend in which we encourage everyone right from young generation to the adults to feel confident in their skin. Dr. Deepti believes that if you have a beautiful and healthy skin, you won’t really need any makeup. This is also a small step in spreading awareness about the different skin issues caused through makeup. With the latest developments in the cosmetic dermatology industry, no one needs to hide behind makeup; everyone can feel good, confident, younger and happy in their very own skin.

Be a part of this movement by sending us your no makeup selfies in and take away GIFT HAMPERS. Also Appleskin runs heavy offers and DISCOUNTS on skin rejuvenation every alternate FRIDAY, so everyone can get the desired skin they would want to flaunt! (that too without any makeup on)

Bride and Groom: Wedding Day is the most important day in the life of every bride and groom and everybody involved in this “larger than life” Indian extravaganza.Many brides suffer breakouts due to the stress of planning their wedding. Appleskin specializes in helping the bride and anyone involved in an important event like this by preventing and getting rid of acne and dullness so your skin will look flawless on this important day.

I-Gel by Appleskin: Say goodbye to all those dark circles and the puffiness around your eyes which make you look tired and dull with the new I-Gel introduced by Appleskin. This new formulautilizes only highly potent natural bio actives promoting firmness and providing support to the delicate eye area.

Referral cards: Appleskin introduces referral cards for all the existing clients, with which you can be entitled to certain benefits!!! Hurry and book an appointment now with us to avail the benefits at Appleskin!

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