The advanced method of laser hair reduction has replaced many other painful treatment methods like electrolysis and waxing! This technology has proved to be a boon in disguise for those who suffer from excessive growth of thick dark hair expecially in places where women usually lack growth or in rather minimal traces, a condition called as hirsutism. The percentage of hair that can be removed varies from the body locations and the intensity of hair growth.

Appleskin has introduced the milesmanlaser, the fastest and best laser in the world for the first time and is a pioneer in treating unwanted hair growth, which has been a challenging sphere for everyone in the industry. The technology induces laser light in the dark hair which when absorbed weakens the follicle and gets rid of thick and ugly hair.

Lasers are specially suited for the reduction of unwanted hair and are a non-invasive method to disable the hair structure without damaging the surrounding area. Numerous hair follicles can be treated simultaneously allowing for rapid coverage of large areas with minimal discomfort.

No of Treatment – We recommend between 5 to 8 treatments depending on the individual skin and hair types. You will see results immediately but as hair grows in cycles it normally takes multiple treatments to achieve the desired results.