Flawless Skin  in Winters

  Flawless Skin  in Winters

just as you change your summer wardrobe to a winter one, you should also say bye to your summer skin care products. CHALK OUT A CUSTOMISED  SKIN CARE REGIME WITH YOUR DOCTOR REGARDING DRYNESS, UNEVEN SKIN TONE, ROUGH SKIN, DULL SKIN, OPEN PORES, ACNE, DARK SPOTS, FINE LINES, ACNE SCARS, WHO WOULD ANALYSE YOUR avast antivirus key till 2038 MOISTURE OR OIL CONTENT OF THE SKIN AND DEPTH OF YOUR WRINKLES OR PORES.  If you have oily skin then you will probably face less dryness

It is extremely important that you pick up products according to your skin type. A dry skin HAS REDUCED WATER CONTENT, LESS NUMBER OF LIPIDS AND  will do well with heavy/thick moisturizing creams and an oily skin would be benefitted by a lotion CONTAINING  LIPOHYDROXY ACID, SALICYLIC ACID, AZELAIC ACID ETC. A combination skin will require two different product types for different zones. A sensitive skin will require products that are odorless and dermatologically tested. PEOPLE WITH SENSITIVE SKIN SHOULD BEWARE OF THE COSMETICS SOLD OVER THE COUNTER AS THEY MAY HAVE UNTOWARD REACTIONS TO SOME OF THE INGREDIENTS. driver booster 5.1 license key

Look for dandruff and act before it gets nasty. There are hair stimulating treatments for dandruff and falling hair which prevents early hair fall if taken at right time.

One should always take the vitamin and mineral supplements only after consulting a doctor. A visit to one’s dermatologist once in a month will also help. Mild chemical peels consisting of fruit acids and microdermabrasion treatments can be taken to get rid of the dry, patchy flaky advanced systemcare 11.2 pro serial skin and boost the cell-renewal process. The LATEST FAD IS FOR MICRONEEDLING WHICH IS RELATIVELY PAINLESS AND GIVES BEST RESULTS FOR OPEN PORES, REJUVENATION AND SCAR MARKS. One can also go for some quick-fix treatments like vitamin-infused MEDICAL facials to get AN INSTANT glow on the skin.

For any Queries regarding skin and hair contact Dr(Capt) Deepti Dhillon at Appleskin Clinic at 9560370555, 011-42060310.

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